“What We Know Can Help You Grow” a Winner for GE Capital

“At GE Capital, yes we lend money, but we do so much more. We have such a wealth of resources and knowledge, and that’s really the main idea behind our What We Know Can Help You Grow campaign.”

Those are the distinctive words of GE Capital’s Global Advertising and Brand Director, Linda Lee. She and the rest of her team recently took home an Effie at this year’s Effie Awards Gala in New York, for their work which centered around the financial giant’s differential value proposition – the fact that GE does more than simply lend its customers money.

In a recent interview with Alan Hart, Lee mentions that the Connecticut based company, not only wanted to live up to their differential value statement with customers, but also in the company’s advertising and marketing. Similarly, it was this type of thinking that influenced quite a bit of the campaign’s overall spectrum, from its more broad aspects, down to the specifics, such as the idea to have the videos shot from the employees’ point of view.

Lee insists that the success of the GE Capital’s highly touted campaign was based on the company’s willingness to truly understand and relate to the its target audience. “The story has to be relevant or relatable to the audience,” says Lee. “We have to find stories that the audience can really relate to in order to get the audience to understand what we can bring to the customer.”

Regardless of GE Capital’s recent string of accomplishments, which include this Effie win for marketing effectiveness, and the contributions of that success to its parent company, General Electric, Lee isn’t taking her foot off of the gas. “I still have a lot more to do and accomplish,” she mentions. “I feel as if what we’ve been doing is just the tip of the iceberg.”

And if this What We Know Can Help You Grow campaign, is merely the tip of the iceberg, one can safely assume that GE Capital has much bigger, and better things to come.

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