Spotlight from the World’s Top Marketers: Johnson & Johnson

Alan Hart recently sat down with Colleen Sellers, Group Brand Director at Johnson & Johnson, about engaging with customers and how Zyrtec’s “Muddle No More” campaign was highly effective, winning a 2014 Effie award.

So how, exactly, do marketers engage with the customers? Listen to them, Sellers said. Allergy-sufferers felt the products weren’t engaging customers realistically.  Naturally, the group took a ground-level approach to allergies. Instead of presenting the after-effects of allergy medication (i.e., people smiling outside), they related to the consumer with comical advertisements about the reality of allergies: they’re annoying, inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. The strategy was effective for both Johnson & Johnson and its consumers. And ultimately, those are the two most precious facets of marketing.

“At the end of the day, it’s about talking to the consumers about what matters to them,” Sellers said. “To be good at [marketing] you have to be in the channels where they are listening to you.”

To learn more about how Johnson & Johnson relates to customers in their marketing strategy, as well as Seller’s perspective on digital marketing, check the video!

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