Marketing Leadership, Emotional Storytelling at HP

hp keep reinventing

Transformation at HP has been underfoot for years now as the company played catch-up to others in the technology market like IBM, Lenovo and others. As the company reset the strategy in 2015 creating Hewlett Packard Enterprises and HP, Inc., Antonio Lucio, chief marketing officer at what would become HP, […]

Avid Picks: Amazon Knows Emotion Works in Branding

BaldwinBowl Video Screenshot

Emotion vs. Function: How Amazon made its game changing super bowl ad Summary of Article Since airing on February 7, #BaldwinBowl the amazon commercial that touted the amazon Echo and the built-in Alexa featuring Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman has been viewed more than 18 million […]