Marketing Leadership, Emotional Storytelling at HP

hp keep reinventing

Transformation at HP has been underfoot for years now as the company played catch-up to others in the technology market like IBM, Lenovo and others. As the company reset the strategy in 2015 creating Hewlett Packard Enterprises and HP, Inc., Antonio Lucio, chief marketing officer at what would become HP, […]

Clients Get the Work They Deserve

Clients get the work they deserve, according to Oscar Mayer senior advertising and marketing director Tom Bick. So when he was faced with the challenge of justifying the higher cost of his company’s bacon, he stepped back and let his digital marketing partner do what it does best. “The issue […]

How to Engage Consumers, Johnson & Johnson Style

It isn’t uncommon for marketers to deliver a brand message with hope, not expectation – hope that consumers will receive, respond, and perhaps buy a product. Much to their chagrin, hope is an ineffective strategy. I sat down with Colleen Sellers, Group Brand Director at Johnson & Johnson, following the […]

Spotlight from the World’s Top Marketers: Johnson & Johnson

Alan Hart recently sat down with Colleen Sellers, Group Brand Director at Johnson & Johnson, about engaging with customers and how Zyrtec’s “Muddle No More” campaign was highly effective, winning a 2014 Effie award. So how, exactly, do marketers engage with the customers? Listen to them, Sellers said. Allergy-sufferers felt the products weren’t […]

Story-based Marketing Moves, Wins at Expedia

Digital marketing is the future, but it’s also the present. Instead of wondering whether digital marketing will take over, companies such as Expedia, who started online more than a decade ago, want to know the future of digital itself. Vic Walia, senior director of brand marketing at Expedia, spoke to […]

Digital: The Hope, the Promise, the Risk

Last, week I came across an article in Ad Age about Mike’s Hard Lemonade shifting their marketing tactics from traditional to digital. As more and more brands proudly make the switch, it makes me wonder whether digital can live up to the promise. The Promise Digital is an inherently fast, […]

Opportunities for Brands Today (Part 1)

When we started Keen nearly 3 years ago, we had the burning belief that 1) traditional research and analytic methods available for marketers were falling short and 2) the world did not need another consulting firm. So we set out to find new and better ways to help drive growth. […]