Avid Picks: Third-Party Verification For All and Tactical Beats Strategic

ANA: Almost All Marketers Want Third-Party Verification of Digital Ad Views Ad viewability has become a chief concern for many marketers; according to a survey conducted last summer among 154 respondents by the Association of National Advertisers, 97% believe all digital media owner’s inventory should be measured by a third […]

The Worst Performing Companies Have Analytical CMOs

Avid’s recent interview with Kim Whitler on board-level marketers left us with this important statistic: “Marketers on the board help increase firm performance, specifically revenue growth.” So now that we know marketers on the board of directors can be profitable, what about the role of CMO? Listen to Part 2 […]

Avid Picks: Nissan NCAA Historic Sponsorship and RIP Millennials

Nissan Launches ‘Widest-Reaching’ College-Sports Sponsorship in Marketing History Nissan announced last week a historic deal; the automaker is now official Sponsor of 100 colleges and universities nationwide and a few NCAA Championships. This announcement is part of Nissan’s “go big” marketing strategy and marks the widest reaching sponsorship in the […]

Board-level Marketers are Linked to Higher Performance

As companies venture to thrive in the digital age, an emerging goal among the successful has been to instill a sense of urgency to diversify the way businesses interact with consumers and pursue deeper engagement with them. In a recent interview, Kim Whitler, former CMO for several big-name companies and […]

16: Corporate Boards, Future CMOs and Impact on Company Performance

Part 1 with Kimberly Whitler, Forbes contributor and Assistant Marketing Professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, sat down with Alan Hart to discuss her recent research looking at company performance, corporate board composition and the CMO. Did you know purely analytical CMOs are correlated to poor […]

Alan Hart in Forbes 15 Marketing Predictions for 2016

Prediction #8: Being Human Will Return to Marketing  Alan Hart, Founder & CEO, Avid  Your consumers don’t care about agile, programmatic, predictive digital, one-to-one native experiences fueled by big data collection.  They want to be inspired. The new frontier will move beyond marketing automation and analytics and become old again […]

Can a Graham Cracker Represent Real American Families Today?

In the 1920s, when Honey Maid was born, the typical American family was pillared by a specific family type. A man, a woman; a breadwinner, a homemaker. Today, there is no such typical family. The breadwinner-homemaker structure has been replaced by a new norm of diversity. There hasn’t been a […]

15: Gary Osifchin, Portfolio Lead, Biscuits NA, Mondelez – Honey Maid Brand

Honey Maid is a classic, all-American brand that’s been part of families lives since 1925. But by 2013 it was seen as old-fashioned. Our challenge was to re-position Honey Maid as a modern snacking brand for today’s families. We drew a parallel between the brand and modern day families, recognizing […]