Lonely at the Top for Big Beer Brands

Recent study by Avid shows just how lonely it is at the top for big beer brands. At best, only 1 in 5 consumers that are aware of the brand say it is the one they prefer to buy. For many brands the numbers are much worse. Given the market […]

Marketing Leadership, Emotional Storytelling at HP

hp keep reinventing

Transformation at HP has been underfoot for years now as the company played catch-up to others in the technology market like IBM, Lenovo and others. As the company reset the strategy in 2015 creating Hewlett Packard Enterprises and HP, Inc., Antonio Lucio, chief marketing officer at what would become HP, […]

How to Build Award Winning Content Marketing

Wake Forest Innovations Aerial View

Vishal Khanna who is Digital Marketing Director at Wake Forest Innovations and 2015 Content Marketer of the Year sat down with Alan Hart, founder of Avid, for the Avid Impact Podcast. Vishal discusses how the content marketing at Wake Forest Innovations produced ROI results that beat out IKEA, Marriott, Emerson, CSC and GoPro. The results were 600%+ increase in marketing qualified leads […]

Avid Picks: Amazon Knows Emotion Works in Branding

BaldwinBowl Video Screenshot

Emotion vs. Function: How Amazon made its game changing super bowl ad Summary of Article Since airing on February 7, #BaldwinBowl the amazon commercial that touted the amazon Echo and the built-in Alexa featuring Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman has been viewed more than 18 million […]

Avid Picks: Print Media Survives Today, See How

Magazines and Newpapers

How to combine Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns Summary of Article Marketing today is a new game, in the last decade or so the internet has become the marketing medium of choice for many businesses; for many people print was already dead. Inevitably the medium has had to move over […]

Avid Picks: Clow on Brand Extinction & Ethical Advertising

Lee Clow on How a Holistic View Can Stave Off Brand Extinction Creative leader Lee Clow has been in the advertising business for more than 40 years. Clow is best known for co-creating – along with Steve Hayden – Apple Computer’s 1984 commercial which launched the Apple Macintosh and the […]

Building a Rock Star Culture Through Marketing

For his latest podcast, Alan Hart interviews Assurance’s Chief Marketing Officer and Brand strategist, Steven Handmaker. Assurance is among the largest and most awarded independent insurance brokerages in the U.S. A “Top 50” broker and repeated national “Best Place to Work” winner. What makes assurance special and unique relative to […]

Avid Picks: Third-Party Verification For All and Tactical Beats Strategic

ANA: Almost All Marketers Want Third-Party Verification of Digital Ad Views Ad viewability has become a chief concern for many marketers; according to a survey conducted last summer among 154 respondents by the Association of National Advertisers, 97% believe all digital media owner’s inventory should be measured by a third […]

The Worst Performing Companies Have Analytical CMOs

Avid’s recent interview with Kim Whitler on board-level marketers left us with this important statistic: “Marketers on the board help increase firm performance, specifically revenue growth.” So now that we know marketers on the board of directors can be profitable, what about the role of CMO? Listen to Part 2 […]